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Sustainability is better business

We believe that our new sustainability strategy is more responsive to the challenges facing society in the areas where we can make a meaningful difference. It is also more deeply embedded into our Group Business Strategy, ensuring that sustainability is fully connected to our business success.

To realise the goals in our strategy, we must work towards achieving our medium-term sustainability targets. Delivery against these will be key to the continued success of our Company.

In 2019, we established our Sustainability Council to set and ensure delivery of our sustainability strategy, so that sustainability becomes embedded throughout Smith+Nephew. Delivering this is critical to achieving our strategic business imperatives, which deliver long-term shareholder value not only through profits, but also by engaging our employees and positively impacting society in the communities in which we operate.

We have created a Sustainability Council comprising members of our Executive Committee and it maintains visibility to the Board through regular updates to our Compliance & Culture Committee. The Council drives sustainability and the new sustainability strategy ties directly to our purpose, culture pillars, and strategic imperatives. The Sustainability Council is made up of executives from Human Resources, Global Operations, Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Research & Development, Commercial and Procurement. This diversity of thought, experience and knowledge of our company vision, strategic imperatives, culture, product portfolio and innovation makes this an excellent team to drive sustainability.

We will apply our culture pillars to deliver sustained competitive advantage through a focus on people, planet and products. We are committed to deliver this strategy through a set of targets with accountability across the business.

Sustainability report 2019