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Delivering products with a reduced footprint

Why is this important?

Along with our customers and stakeholders, we are continuing to show interest in the environmental footprint of our products and services. We have focused on our internal environmental footprint for a number of years, improving our performance in the areas of waste recycling, water and GHG emissions.

Our revised strategy extends upstream to our suppliers and downstream to our customers. This means that we want to work with partners who are making efforts to reduce their environmental impact.

We are also working to deliver products and services with improved overall environmental impact.

We are taking steps to better understand the extended footprints of our top products. This is important to ensure that we focus our resources where they will produce the most positive impact.

We are mindful that impacts can be complex and inter-related. So throughout our business, we take a holistic approach to sustainable decision-making, ensuring that all impacts are taken into account.

Sustainability report 2019