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Real Intelligence

Real Intelligence is a seamless connection between Human & Machine. It’s how Smith+Nephew innovates, thinks, develops and delivers inspiring solutions to the market.

It’s a new way to see the OR of the future, today. We believe technology advancements are driven by people, making machines more human and more familiar.

It’s a connected OR experience offering limitless potential of human thought married to technology. A symphony of innovative solutions designed to augment the modern surgeon.

“I actually think it's a pretty brilliant way to talk about the stuff that we've been working on”

“The orthopedic space is becoming a technology space”

“I think this [Real Intelligence] is a game-changer for Smith+Nephew. It’s a philosophy, now we're starting to brand it”

-Dr. Jimmy Chow


“It's such a big and bold and broad concept, this approach combines all of the technology, all of the acquisitions, really everything that's available, and put it into one package”

“And that makes it a really unique concept, unique program, unique effort, that will be very distinguishing”

-Dr. Michael Bolognesi


“Connecting what we are doing, preoperatively to what we are doing intraoperatively, to what is happening postoperatively, and creating a feeback loop, that could change the face of orthopaedics”

-Dr. David Mayman

I think the good point of this Real Intelligence is we have now a vision about the future and the vision of Smith+Nephew, where Smith+Nephew wants to go”

 “I like the concept of the augmented surgeon”

-Dr. Phillipe Neyret


“We live a fluid lifestyle, well surgery is fluid as well, things change, sometimes we do not see the big picture and Real Intelligence will help us incorporate that”

-Dr. Fred Cushner


“I think that Real Intelligence suite, or real intelligence ecosystem…is going to be completely different than what the industry, or the market is used to”

“When you have a suite, or an ecosystem, you have different parts, I can just pick and choose, and everything communicates”

-Dr. Ran Schwarzkopf

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