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Distributors and Agents Compliance Programme

In many regions, we rely on distributors and agents to do business on our behalf. They play a vital role for us and in doing so, must comply with applicable laws and industry codes, and adhere to business principles and health, safety, social and environmental standards consistent with our own.

We select third party sellers based on their qualifications, reliability, adherence to applicable laws and our values. We have a comprehensive third party seller process which includes due diligence forms and checks, monitoring and auditing, and compliance reviews. We also provide them the training and tools they need to adhere to the law and to our code of conduct.

We never authorise any third party to act improperly on our behalf, and we have programmes in place to help identify any improper behaviour by third parties.

Distributors and agents compliance toolkit

Follow our easy steps to managing compliance for distributors and agents.


The Code of Conduct for third parties

Read our guidance to our code of conduct to understand how it relates to third parties working for us. 

Read the code