Who doesn’t like getting things for free! Downloading music and using iTunes without any cost is something that most of the music lover wishes for. iTunes is known to be a popular site where you will be able to download music. However, you have to pay around one dollar for every song that you are downloading. You will also be able to use these site for downloading latest movies, games, and audio books. However, this is going to cost you more money. If you have to download a lot of stuff then it might get expensive really fast. Thus, it is important to look for free iTunes gift card.

How to get free iTunes Code?

There are several ways to get iTunes code and one of the successful ways is to use iTunes code generator. These codes will allow you to get the music for free. The generator is an online tool. However, if you want to get the code you will have to follow a particular procedure. Doing this will enable you to get music, videos, games, and audio books.

You will also be able to obtain the codes without the generator. There are some artists that offer bonus songs when you purchase their albums. There are also some artists who will allow you to obtain the music for free. You can look into their website to find out if they are offering some codes.

Other than this, when you purchase an iPad, the store itself will offers you some free download. When you activate the device for the first time, you will be asked to choose from the list of free songs that have been added to the playlist.

You should look carefully at different promotions and giveaways. You should also look for deals on iTunes albums. You will soon discover a wide range of freebies.

What will you do if your gaming console breaks down? Will you have to start all the games from the scratch? This sounds like an extremely obnoxious task, particularly if you have been playing a game for a long time and have reached some advanced level. Just like you back up all the personal documents, you will definitely want to make sure that the game that you are playing is backed up, so that you do not lose your progress.

Xbox Live Online Library also has other benefits. You will be able to start up a game in a console and then you can continue playing it on another device. You can store your entire progress without having to move back and forth on the USB drives. In case, you want to go back to an old game or if you play a game that uses the old game saves then you will not have to make an extra effort to find out the progress. The progress will be waiting for you online.

Setting up Cloud Saves on Consoles

You can save your progress on Cloud. However, there is only one way by which you will be able to do this and that is by procuring the gold membership of Xbox Live by using free xbox live codes.

On the setting screen of Xbox, you will have to select System, then storage, and after that the Cloud Save Games for configuring the cloud saving.

Play Games with Integrated Syncing

There are many games that save their own data to the cloud storage, especially the recent games. Valve’s Steam service provides a Steam Cloud Features that is used by many games. Steam Cloud will make the games sync the save files and then store them online with the steam account. However, you will not have to obtain a subscription for using this feature.


In Steam, you will be able to check for games that will support this feature. For the games that does not support these feature, you might want to find out if the game syncs the save online.

Directly Syncing the Game Save Folder

Instead of messing with the symbol link, you can use a different kind of cloud storage service that does not need it. There are services that will give you the opportunity to pick any folder in your computer and then synchronize it. This implies that you will just have to select the game folders without doing anything with the link.

The storage system proves to be extremely helpful when you are playing games across multiple devices. It will allow you to pick up games from where you left. You will not have to worry about your games being and thereby have a hassle free gaming experience. In fact, you will now be able to change your console or your hard drive without any issue.

The Xbox live online library will also enable you to keep the purchased games among the multiple downloads. However, remember that you will not be able to have access to the games that are no longer available.

If you own a business account on Instagram, your major goal must be to get your brand and products be seen by as many people as possible. This is essential to build a strong customer base and keep widening your loyal audience.


Now that Instagram has been reported to have even more users than Twitter, businesses and brands are flocking to it to build their own Instagram community and interact with customers on a daily basis. All these reasons have made Instagram a bright new marketing ground. Given below is a fool proof guide to use Instagram followers for effective marketing:

Setting Up Your Business Instagram Account

A business account is leagues apart from a personal one in many ways. The major difference is that a personal account concentrates on the account holder, while a business account is all about the customer. So selfies of you on a day out with your significant other is the kind of content that should not feature on a business account. Whatever isn’t relevant to the customer has no place. It’s as simple as that!

Some quick tips to make sure that your account is compact are that make sure your bio has a link to your website and make sure that your name and business logo says recognizable. Try including crisp but informative bio about your brand.

Create an Account That People Would Want To Follow

Every time you put up a post, pause and think if your audience will relate to the image. Keep an objective mind and choose only those images that your customers would want to follow. Secondly, try creating high quality lifestyle pictures using your products. Do not simple post a picture of it; get creative and build a story around it. Your posts must be designed in such a way that they arouse the curiosity of any onlooker.

Lastly, widen your Instagram community by using hash tags, giving shout outs, and hosting takeovers!

All Hungry Shark Evolution game players require reaching at least one million points to be able to complete Super Mission 5 under the mission set Great White Shark. To learn how to activate the gold rush, reach one million points, or get the highest multiplier, use the guidelines given below:

Some Recommendations for Hungry Shark Evolution Hack

In order to reach the above-mentioned Super Mission 5, you need to unlock and buy the Great White Shark. Max up your Great White Shark Level and get the bite/boost/speed upgraded. You can use the same method if you are using Megalodon. Also, it is recommended to have a basic map. Try buying a baby shark or any other items that will help you in eating more and gaining more points.

How to Get More Resources in Hungry Shark Evolution Game Using the Gold Rush

You will be awarded a gold rush every time you reach a milestone of gaining points. Along with coins, it also triggers one of the extra point’s multipliers. Keep in mind that while the gold rush is active, you need to move around quickly and eat all kinds of creatures that you will encounter. Make sure that you use your boosts wisely and combine judiciously with multipliers to achieve a higher score! You can use the basic map to move to places with a good source of food and avoid getting into dead ends.

Here are some useful facts about the utilization of gold rush bars:

  • Scoring points helps in filling up the bar. Make sure to use the multiplier’s bonus awards awarded in return of eating binge.
  • The new system upgrades allow spawning a high amount of fish during the Gold Rush.
  • In the new system, you are made invincible during the Gold Rush and you even get more points on hitting mines.

You can also search for How to hack resources in hungry shark evolution game specifically for Android and iOS users.